Forex Trading Common Mistakes

Many beginners consider trading in the Forex market as an easy way to get rich in a short period of time. But very few consider the risks and the commitments which are required to truly achieve this goal. To realize long-term gains, you should execute transactions in relation to your own balance. With this mindset, you can compensate it, if a trade is not working out as expected. Calmness and balance are essential to focus on the relevant events. That is easy to say but hard to actually implement, especially in the heat of the moment when decisions have to be made within a blink of an eye. Beginners tend to trade with emotions and thereby suppress everything what they have learned about Forex.

Lack of discipline
Traders should always know at what price they want to open and close their positions - before they enter the market. The decision is ideally based on a concrete and gradually developed strategy. Disciplined traders, who work continuously with a balanced trading strategy, act usually more profitable than others, because doubt and continuous reassessment of risks reduces the profitability. It is critical that you plan your trades and trade according to your plan in order to ensure that you select your transactions not randomly. Unlike a sound and consistent trading system that brings you advantages in the market, the latter is a pure bet in the hope of winning.

Your trading strategy should consider the following aspects:
• Planned frequency of trading
• Time of day when you plan to trade
• Technical indicators you plan to use
• Buy/sell signals you plan to use
• Estimated risk for each trade
• Daily stop limit to protect your capital
• Trading with large positions

One feature of the CFD and Forex market, which attracts a lot of private investors, is the opportunity to trade on margin, in other words to use a leverage. The deposit of small initial capital will enable you to trade relatively large positions. On one hand this can lead to attractive returns, on the other hand, there is the possibility that you may suffer a loss in the amount of your initial capital. Therefore, it is important to not overdo it during the selection of your position size.

Waiving of stop-loss orders
Through the use of stop-loss orders you can maximize your gains. Many beginners, however, hold on to losing positions far too long thinking or hoping that the market will turn around. They also tend to exit winning positions far too early to take a small profit, which eliminates the opportunity for greater profits. Although the temptation is very big, you always need to have the patience and discipline to execute only those trades of which you are convinced.

No money management
The biggest difference between beginners and experienced traders is their approach to capital management. Professional traders recommend to risk a fixed percentage of your capital and to never vary this percentage. Risking a fixed percentage in each trade is an advantage in times of repeated negative decisions, as it reduces its effect. Beginners often neglect these principles and increase their positions once they start to lose. This scenario will inevitably diminish their profits continuously.

Lack of market knowledge
A common mistake for beginners is to start trading without sufficient knowledge of the selected currency pairs and how currencies are influenced by global events. Learn as much as you can about how the international financial markets interact, and how they correlate with each other, e.g. stocks, government bonds, commodities or Forex. This knowledge allows you to make better informed trading decisions when economic indicators are published. It is also important to identify the market that allows you to adjust your strategy and avoid the entry into negative trades. The more informed you are, the better your chances are to trade successfully.

Not monitoring positions
It is crucial that you always monitor each open position in the Forex market. To keep the performance of your trades in mind helps you to be in control and to follow market movements as they happen. To stay up to date with the market developments is a good way to maintain knowledge and to expand your understanding of the Forex market. Be aware that the market is traded 24 hours a day; therefore it is essential that you close your open positions and trade with stop-loss and take-profit orders, if you close the trading platform.

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